Luxury custom hand carving wood furniture manufacturer  factory in istanbul, Luxury furniture factory in Turkey

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This is who we are..  

We are luxury custom made – custom design bespoken contract hand carving wood furniture factory & manufacturer  – interior designer and procurement group for your Palace , Mansion , Villa , Residence , Hotel , Mall and Cafe – Restaurant projects located in Istanbul  / TURKIYE.

Luxury furniture in other words, opposite then fabricated furniture, its that has been originally designed and produced using mainly handcrafted materials with high quality materials.

Hand curving wood furniture factory

We are designing your living spaces in accordance with your demands and prepare with our custom-made products.

Tell us the furniture in your dreams and we will combine it with our  designing and quality .

With our experience we create and implement palace, villa, hotel and office projects for our customers and support them with our unique and different designs to.

We are proud with our team. For as  Teamwork is the process that people who complement and trust each other to carry out together to achieve a common goal. … On the road to success, you need to support your individual efforts with a strong and solid team.

We are proud with our masters , masters of furniture , hand carved furniture masters or hand carving masters.

Our vision ;
Always keeping customer focus at the highest level with our products  at international quality standards in the sectors where it operates as custom design , interior designing & custom design hand curving wood furniture manufacturer  for Palace, Mansion, Villa  , Hotel , Residence , exectuive Office , Cafe – Restaurant projects ; to continue to become a reputable, reliable and preferred brand. To carry the national achievements to the international arena and to be one of the leading names in the business areas where it sees growth potential. We always support your dreams and your interior design idea’s.

Furniture and accessories designed as interior architects come into play after passing the construction stages in Palas, duplex and triplex villa type buildings. Due to geographical and cultural reasons, customer-specific, bespoke, specially designed furniture for indoor and outdoor use is placed in the project.

The production process of a Custom designed Luxury made to order Furniture

A basic preliminary in all furniture production is the provision of working drawings. In a firm of any size there is invariably a special department where full-size drawings are prepared from small-scale drawings provided by the interiror designer. In some cases the interior designer may make his own full-size and perest it to the owner, detailed drawings confirmed by customer ; but in a large firm it is more usual for a draftsman to work out the practical details, though usually in consultation with the interior designer, who advises on proportions and decorative details fort he project. The hand craftsman, in contrast, usually does the whole thing himself. In the small-scale drawing the general form and essential requirements are worked out; the full-size drawing shows proportions and constructional details. A sample piece is made to check the design and cutting problems see it before the production starts. Cutting lists are prepared; the cost of materials, fittings, finish, etc. figured; and an estimate of machining and assembly time worked out. When the work is to be produced in quantity, costs are lowered considerably because only one setting of the machine and only one set of cutters are needed for the whole run of any particular part. This will effect the time and the price.

Selection of timber, already passed through the seasoning kiln and converted to standard thicknesses, follows. The wood passes to the machine shop, where it is sawed to size, planed, molded, grooved, or rebated as required. When a number of parts must be cut exactly alike, they are clamped in forms having the proper contour and are then brought in contact with high-speed rotating knives that shape the part to proper size as the form rides against a guide on hand or automatic shapers and routers. Intricately carved pieces such as legs are roughly carved on multiple-spindle carving machines if customer dont want all hand carved and if its in hurry wih the time. These duplicate a master leg by means of a follower point that is guided along the surface of the model and imparts the same motions to as many as 32 high-speed rotating knives as they whittle the leg blanks. After the rough carving, the pieces are machine sanded and finished by a hand carver.

If veneering is required, this is now done. Jointing follows—tenoning, dowelling, dovetailing, etc. Automatic machines often combine several operations. Exposed parts are sanded on edge belt sanders, three-drum travelling-bed sanders, or belt sanders. Rounded parts are sanded on soft pneumatic drums, and carved parts are sanded on a buffer, a machine in which shredded sandpaper is supported by brushes on a revolving wheel.

Finally the work passes to the assembly shop where door frames are put together, drawers glued up, and carcasses assembled. After the glue has set, the parts may be returned to the machine department for machining that could not be performed before assembly, such as sanding the joints and shaping the edges. Then it returns to the assembly department for final assembly. Air-driven clamps are used when the design permits; otherwise the piece is pressed by hand clamps. Unless electronically cured glues are used, clamps must be applied long enough to ensure a good bond. The completed article is cleaned to remove excess glue, inspected, and hand sanded. Finally, staining and spray polishing is done and fittings added.

In individually crafted work there is always a great deal of fitting to be done—doors trimmed and drawers made to run easily without slackness. In mass-production work this problem would be serious. It is almost entirely avoided by making drawers an easy rather than snug fit and by sanding the edges of doors to templet size so that they automatically fit the carcasses, which in their turn are made to standard size.

Natural wood for Custom design – Bespoke Furniture

The increase in the demand for reasonably priced furniture has placed a premium on the economical use of wood. Natural wood is extremely wasteful as a material. Hardly more than 25 percent of the natural substance of a tree actually goes into the furniture made of solid wood. When account is taken of the loss in sawdust in conversion from the tree trunk (taking off the outer slab portions and sapwood) and the further loss in bringing the lumber to usable size in the workshop (the offcuts, waste in sawing shapes, in turning, in planing, cutting joints, and final cleaning up), it becomes evident that much more wood is wasted than used.

Explore the stunning range of luxury fabrics.  

You can make choose from sumptuous velvet, soft cotton, luxurious linen-cotton mixes or stylish cotton satin. For your luxury custom design furniture.