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Made to order bespoke furniture

We are solid wood furniture – made to measure furniture factory in istanbul Turkey , manufacturer of your desires of Luxury furniture , Bespoke furniture , Custom furniture , Made to order furniture , Hand made furniture , Hand carving furniture , Tailor made furniture…

Custom made & Custom design wood chairs with luxury upholstery for meeting rooms, conferance rooms , dinner rooms , luxury cafe-restuarants.

Custom luxury upholstered bespoke sofa


What is bespoke furniture ?
Bespoke furniture is simply furniture that has been made to measure according to what you want to use it for and how you want it to look. Talking of custom furniture, bespoke furniture, made to measure furniture, fitted, built-in furniture , tailor made furniture and order made furniture are all words often seen together.

Bespoke custom furniture is a unique piece created for a specific interior. … With a few notes on style, materiality (material, color, texture) and the need to be met by the piece, the architect can design a unique and exclusive piece of furniture that is totally tailored to the client’s taste.With  Custom design luxury upholstery options


Custom design luxury upholstery options