Proje Açıklaması

Turkish design furniture

In addition to the furniture produced mainly by traditional production methods in our country such as Italian furniture, our classic or modern style furniture designed specially for the customer are ready for competition worldwide. We attach importance to the designer, the technician, new production techniques, detail production and the use of good materials. Instead of producing imitations of Italian design furniture, we examined the path foreign countries have made in furniture production and learned lessons.

We benefited from the experiences of others, created a synthesis with our own knowledge, and the success of Italy 35 years ago in Italian design furniture is no longer a dream for us.


What are the events and reasons that make Turkish furniture competitive with Italian furniture? There are, of course, more than one reason for this great success, and each reason should be carefully considered. One of the reasons why Turkish furniture is in a position to compete with Italian furniture is its commitment to its own traditions and the desire to know the world ,

openness to innovations, respect for designers and technicians, discussion environment, exchange of ideas, desire to teach and produce, new materials and experimental works, competition that encourages design. and awards, fairs and exhibitions.